Hi guys,

Am going to be sharing with you all my favorite products i used to achieve this perfect look for my outing.

1.PUPA ACTIVE LIGHT FOUNDATION: As you all know,i am a pupa lover.I really love this foundation because it is super light,so pigmented and oil free.I started using this foundation not too long ago,i think before summer and am already going crazy about it.I normally use mac full coverage foundation,but tonight i want to achieve a light look.I don’t wanna get too crazy with my looks lol. I got these foundation in a PUPA MILANO shop at the mall for 7,000HUF,and in shades 080 and 070.I got in these shades because the 080 was a little bit darker,so i had to mix it with the 070 to get the perfect tone.

2:MAC 134 BRUSH: This brush is heaven.I always use it with the pupa foundation.I actually got this brush as birthday gift,it came in a set so i don’t really know how much it cost.Although it’s not a foundation brush,but i love it when ever i use the pupa foundation because its so light.


3.ADEN FACE AND EYE PRIMER: I got this from a drug store for 1,200huf. It’s not actually my everyday product but it gives me that matt and uniform finish.

4.LADY STAR EYELASH: I also love this lashes.It is so light and natural.I got it also at a drugstore but i can’t really remember the price.

So this is the finished look.I didn’t really go into details about the products i used but i wanted to share full products i used to get this perfect look.

This is all for now

Till next time XOXO..

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Hello beautiful people, My name is Adimoha Beatrice. I’m a Nigerian lifestyle and beauty blogger living in Budapest, Hungary. I created this blog to share Beauty and Lifestyle from my perspective and I hope It can be of good influence to you all. Welcome to the family.

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