Having a good personal hygiene is very important. It makes you feel better and also look nicer. Many girls nowadays don’t practice personal hygiene and it’s not a pleasant situation.If you are having a hard time coping with the changes in your body, do not worry. Here are 4 method of practicing good personal hygiene.


  1. Shower everyday: This is the most important step of having a good hygiene. Keeping your body clean is very important to avoid bacteria accumulation which causes body odor.It is also important to use mild soap or shower gel. It is important to shower twice a day (morning and evening), and also after exercise. DO NOT REPLACE BATHING WITH DEODORANT AND PERFUME.
  2. Wear clean clothes: Always wear clean clothes without stains and smells on them. Wash  your clothes to remove dirt and sweat from them before wearing them again. That applies also for underwear, wear fresh and clean underwear and bra. Also change your bed sheets often, especially if you sweat a lot.
  3. Have a good dental hygiene: Brush your teeth, floss and use mouthwash daily. Always brush your teeth after breakfast and before bed in other to avoid tooth decay and bad breath. Also your tooth brush should be changed every 3 months.
  4. Hand washing: It is also important to wash your hands regularly to avoid bacteria infection. Hand washing is very essential especially after using the bathroom, sneezing,coughing and touching things that a lot of people have touched.

What are your ways of maintaining good personal hygiene?



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Hello beautiful people, My name is Adimoha Beatrice. I’m a Nigerian lifestyle and beauty blogger living in Budapest, Hungary. I created this blog to share Beauty and Lifestyle from my perspective and I hope It can be of good influence to you all. Welcome to the family.

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