Nursing students get stressed during school.The stress of getting a good degree, passing an exam and so on. people say nursing is easy unlike medicine. Well, it’s easier compared to medicine but you still need to develop a high mentality and knowledge about the history of it.
I’m still in school and I must say that it has been a struggle. My first year in school was hell. Adapting to a new environment and a new system wasn’t easy for me.

Nursing is a very unique profession. Having to help people and also take care of them is a beautiful thing. I remember when I was in high school, I was the only student in my class that planned  on studying nursing. I was really ashamed because my fellow classmates told me that nursing is a shitty profession and that I wouldn’t be paid well.

It all started on a faithful day in class. We were asked in class about what we want to be in future. Everyone in the class all said they want to be doctors, and then the teacher asked me and I said I want to be a nurse. The whole class laughed. I was a bit embarrassed being the only student in class wanting to do nursing. I went home that night and told my dad that i changed my mind and that I want to study medicine. My dad was supportive about my decisions. Few weeks later i told my teacher that i want to study medicine. He was shocked and at the same time disappointed that i allowed the class affect my decision. He gave me some words of advice and told me that i should always follow my dreams no matter what. I shouldn’t let people’s opinions affect my plans for the future.

Well, now I’m half way through. It has been stressful and at the same time amazing.

So now I want  to share with you guys few tips while in nursing school.

  1. PRACTICE AN AFTER-CLASS RECAP: Always take time after each lessons to do a quick review. It helps a lot. It is far better than cramming before an exam. Many students nowadays cultivate the habit of cramming a day before exam. I was a victim of that and I must tell you it was really bad because I didn’t study to know, I studied to pass. At the end of the day you tend to forget everything.
  2. GET COPIES OF OLD TESTS: This is very important! Most professors don’t always create new questions for each exam. And there are only so many questions you can ask about the same topic. Therefore, many questions are repeated. Some may have wording changes, but most questions have the same concepts.
  3. CREATE A STUDY GROUP: Find or create a solid study group. Although study groups are not always recommended but if you find a good and solid study group, it might help. Make sure your study groups consists of student who are willing to learn and not those you have zero zeal to learn.
  4. SLEEP AND EXERCISE: Okay this point is very challenging to many nursing and medical students because we don’t always have enough time to sleep. But i will say that in any opportunity you get to sleep, do not take it for granted. Also exercise is also essential to keep your brain working.
  5. EAT RIGHT: Always eat healthy. The body metabolizes more during stressful times, meaning you may be hungrier more often, but without proper planning you might find yourself making poor food choices. Always maintain good eating habits during your education and training.
  6. STAY HYDRATED: This is very  important. Always drink a lot of water. approx,2.5L per day.
  7. LOVE YOUR PROFESSION: Youโ€™ll get frustrated and upset. You may break down in front of professors and students. But remember, youโ€™re entering into one of the most admired professions in the world. Always remember why you took that path. Do not be discouraged because at the end of the day you will find out that it was worth it.


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Hello beautiful people, My name is Adimoha Beatrice. Iโ€™m a Nigerian lifestyle and beauty blogger living in Budapest, Hungary. I created this blog to share Beauty and Lifestyle from my perspective and I hope It can be of good influence to you all. Welcome to the family.


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