Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be trying some beauty products from H&M. I’ve never tried their foundation before, as a matter of fact I had no idea they have foundation. I normally use MAC foundation and also PUPA foundation but i ran out of the PUPA foundation so i decided to get a new one from the mall.

Sadly, PUPA doesn’t have my shade anymore here in hungary which is 080.

Luckily I saw my shade of foundation in H&M and it is amazing…It is a natural satin foundation in sheer coverage and this is in the shade EBONY. This is the darkest shade for this foundation. I got this for 3990HUF.

This is the foundation on my skin. It’s not a thick foundation,it’s like an everyday go to foundation.


I also got the H&M waterproof eye make-up remover. I got this for 1490HUF. It’s really good,I love the packaging and it takes off makeup completely.




Lastly, I got the H&M compact powder. I got it for 2990HUF, and in the shade espresso. This also is the darkest shade for this compact powder. It blends with my skin so well and it’s a cream to powder velvet finish.

Overall, this product is completely amazing. I love the foundation and also the compact powder. Its a big thumbs up for H&M.

That’s it for today guys… I hope you find it helpfull for those who needs a light but amazing foundation for the summer.


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Hello beautiful people, My name is Adimoha Beatrice. I’m a Nigerian lifestyle and beauty blogger living in Budapest, Hungary. I created this blog to share Beauty and Lifestyle from my perspective and I hope It can be of good influence to you all. Welcome to the family.

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