Nivea// Pure And Natural Cleansing Toner(REVIEW)

Trying new products is something I love doing but i try not to overdo it in order not to cause any damage to my skin. As some of you already know, i love taking care of my skin, making sure i use the right product and also staying hydrated. Taking my makeup off after a long day is something i never forget to do (except when I’m extremely tired). But in a normal state, i try as much as possible not to skip the makeup removing part before i go to bed. I love using wipes mostly the JOHNSON BABY WIPES to take off my makeup because it’s easier to remove makeup for me. I have some makeup removers but they are not as effective as wipes in removing makeup.

I’m using the NIVEA PURE AND NATURAL CLEANSING TONER and it contains about 95% natural origin ingredients, including Organic Aloe Vera and Argan Oil that help gets a healthy glow. I actually love Nivea products but I’ve never used their toner before. I tried it for the first time and guys I can say this is really good. It works well and does leave skin feeling clean even after the first cleans. Bear it in mind guys that not all product works for everyone, everybody has products that specifically works for their own skin types. To be honest, I’ve used toners that just made my skin feel like shit after usage so not all product works for everyone.

Usually, before I purchase a product I normally go online to read the review to see if the product is worth buying or not. Although some products might have good rating and reviews but end up messing up. For this cleanser, i apply daily with a cotton wool and gently massage into my face and neck


. It instantly dissolves resistant waterproof make-up without any stinging or redness

. Hydrates and protects the sensitive eye area

. Gently cleansing and revitalizing

. Supporting the natural skin balance

. Enriching the skin’s healthy glow.

It cleanses without leaving the skin dry and tight like some face washes. It isn’t really necessary to apply facial oil or moisturizers but I don’t like going to bed without moisturizing my face.

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